How to make your Facebook url much shorter and special!



If you have seen the Facebook url to your business page, you know it can be really (really) long - this is mine -!/pages/Johnstown-CO/Radical-Designs-Computer-and-Web-Design-Services/120218557989457?ref=sgm&ajaxpipe=1&__a=5


If you want to share that it looks a little formidable to most people.


But there is a way to make it much shorter - like this: - which looks much nicer to share.


How? This is really easy…

  1. Go to your Facebook page (or any other page you want to make a short url for) and select/copy the url (web address that shows up at the top of your browser)


  1. Go to


  1. Paste in your long url in the first box you see, like I did, and click the "Make TinyURL" button. But wait! You can make a Custom Alias, just like I did.


See the "Custom alias (optional) " text? Enter your preferred site name or blog name or page name in that box and then click the "Make TinyURL" button. You will then get your desired link!


Is that easy or what! And fun! You can make shorter links for facebook and twitter and your blogs - whatever.


Just so you know, TinyURL is not the only site that does this. Search for "make short urls" and you will get a long list of similar sites. However, I do know TinyURL has been doing this for a long time - since 2002 - which is several generations in technology time. You can use short url's from with confidence.


Let others know how you use TinyURL. Comment on this article.




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