It doesn't get much cheaper than this - Norton Internet Security 2012


I like to pass on to my clients a good deal when I see it. Every once in a while you find a special price on a product and you think you should just load up on it. This is one of those times!

Check right now to see if your anti-virus subscription is expired or about to expire - if so, you are in luck! Right now you can get Norton Internet Security 2012 (I like this version!) for 3 Users for $24.28. By way of comparison, the usual retail price for this product is $79.99.

For those who recognize the good deal here's the link -

Please note that once you install the product the subscription date is the same date for all 3 users from the start of the first activation.

I know some of you are thinking, "But we are half way through the year - what happens when the 2013 version comes out?" Good question! And the great answer is - you get to download and install the updated version! Simply do a version check in the Norton software and it will inform you if you do or do not have the most recent version. Be clear here that I am referring to the core operating software of Norton - not the daily anti-virus definition updates. You get the latest definition updates daily as long as your subscription is current (your machine does have to be connected to the Internet and powered on to get those updates).

So this IS a good deal. If you waited to read the rest of the post, here is the link again -

You never know when this price will disappear, so there is no time like the present to get your anti-virus current again.

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