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Jun 06

It doesn't get much cheaper than this - Norton Internet Security 2012

Posted by radicald in viruses


I like to pass on to my clients a good deal when I see it. Every once in a while you find a special price on a product and you think you should just load up on it. This is one of those times!

Check right now to see if your anti-virus subscription is expired or about to expire - if so, you are in luck! Right now you can get Norton Internet Security 2012 (I like this version!) for 3 Users for $24.28. By way of comparison, the usual retail price for this product is $79.99.

For those who recognize the good deal here's the link - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0060C382Y/ref=oh_d__o00_details_o00__i00

Please note that once you install the product the subscription date is the same date for all 3 users from the start of the first activation.

I know some of you are thinking, "But we are half way through the year - what happens when the 2013 version comes out?" Good question! And the great answer is - you get to download and install the updated version! Simply do a version check in the Norton software and it will inform you if you do or do not have the most recent version. Be clear here that I am referring to the core operating software of Norton - not the daily anti-virus definition updates. You get the latest definition updates daily as long as your subscription is current (your machine does have to be connected to the Internet and powered on to get those updates).

So this IS a good deal. If you waited to read the rest of the post, here is the link again - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0060C382Y/ref=oh_d__o00_details_o00__i00

You never know when this price will disappear, so there is no time like the present to get your anti-virus current again.

Mar 12

These guys help me get the answers you need. Experts Exchange is updating!

Posted by radicald in software


So people ask me how it is I know so much. And the truth is I learn a lot. But I don't have to learn it the hard way. By looking at what other people say on Experts Exchange, I get smarter, quicker. And that is what it is all about. Getting the answer quickly. So you can get back to work.

The New Experts Exchange is Here! Experience EE v.10!

Jun 14

How to make your Facebook url much shorter and special!

Posted by radicald in blogging



If you have seen the Facebook url to your business page, you know it can be really (really) long - this is mine - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Johnstown-CO/Radical-Designs-Computer-and-Web-Design-Services/120218557989457?ref=sgm&ajaxpipe=1&__a=5


If you want to share that it looks a little formidable to most people.


But there is a way to make it much shorter - like this:   http://www.tinyurl.com/RadicalDesigns4u - which looks much nicer to share.


How? This is really easy…

  1. Go to your Facebook page (or any other page you want to make a short url for) and select/copy the url (web address that shows up at the top of your browser)


  1. Go to TinyURL.com


  1. Paste in your long url in the first box you see, like I did, and click the "Make TinyURL" button. But wait! You can make a Custom Alias, just like I did.


See the "Custom alias (optional) " text? Enter your preferred site name or blog name or page name in that box and then click the "Make TinyURL" button. You will then get your desired link!


Is that easy or what! And fun! You can make shorter links for facebook and twitter and your blogs - whatever.


Just so you know, TinyURL is not the only site that does this. Search for "make short urls" and you will get a long list of similar sites. However, I do know TinyURL has been doing this for a long time - since 2002 - which is several generations in technology time. You can use short url's from TinyURL.com with confidence.


Let others know how you use TinyURL. Comment on this article.




Feb 21

Welcome to Radical Designs myBlog - Musings on my IT world

Posted by radicald in myblog



Welcome to the Radical Designs myBlog. This blog is intended to be informative with tips and tricks and possibly solutions for your IT issues, whether they be computer hardware or software. I'm sorry if you have a Mac, I won't be able to help much. I have 20 + years experience with the PC environment and can't speak to recent experience with a Mac. My consulting expertise runs to solving PC problems for small businesses, generally 1 to 10 computer users, and small office/home office with 1 to 5 computer users. I repair hardware, build systems, install software, do maintenance and updates for a wide variety of operating systems and software, networking and wireless setups, and building custom Joomla content management system websites.
I get asked a wide variety of questions from the very basic to the very complex. Do I have all the answers all the time? No. But I do my best to find out what I don't know and solve annoying issues as quickly as possible.

I have often thought as I make my daily journey, that others might benefit from what I find out on any given day, so I am going to put my educational curve online to benefit whom it may.

If you have questions or comments about things IT, please ask. I don't guarantee to have the answer, but it might start a good discussion.

Hoping you enjoy the flow.
Carolyn Breninger - Techgal